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This website gives you the opportunity to make a onetime nonrefundable PayPal (Friends and Family) donation that will help support this site and others like it. Feel at ease knowing that your contribution is going towards a good cause and that your kindness always gets rewarded. You can make an anonymous contribution; however, we encourage you to tell us a little bit about yourself in the PayPal checkout notes. We will keep your @account in our thoughts as we cultivate a new movement of giving and prosperity.

When considering how much you would like to donate we ask that you make your donations in increments of $35 and if you want to make a donation of more than $100 please contact us first at or use the contact form below. You can also use our direct chat service using the chat bubble to see if we are “online” and available.

Once again, we want to thank you and appreciate your trust in us that your unsolicited donations will go toward a good cause. Most donations are processed within just a few minutes. Our goal is to keep you informed as much as possible and in a timely manner, unfortunately specific management of the funds are not made available to the public and your contributions to Donation Services warrant no liability what so ever. However, if you are “online” using a PC or MAC in North America when you contribute you may receive a direct group invitation and possibly a substantial gift to show our appreciation. We thank you.

By clicking the donation link you verify that you have read and agree with our mission statement.

Very Respectfully,

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